Eastern Ontario Dbl 8 Parc Ferme

June 18th, 2016 - 16 Hour Endurance Event

Full Race On-Board GoPro Video

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Event Statistics


PLC Racing

Class A


Event Entries

Laps Completed

Fastest Lap

Finishing Position

Margin Behind

3 Drivers

163 Laps

2:37.122 (Tom)



13 Entries

337 Laps


9th Place

-174 Laps

33 Entries

337 Laps


25th Place

-174 Laps

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Driver Lineup: Tom Henderson, Alex Cohen, Matt Randall

Race Conditions: Sunny with temperatures ranging well into the high 90's. Internal car temperature reached as high as 115 degrees

Race Status: Did Not Finish, Engine failure that led to an engine fire after a piston rod went through the bottom of the block with 2 minutes left in Saturday's event. Team was up until 2am replacing the engine. Sunday's continuation saw more issue with engine leaking oil slowly resulting in a few breaks to plug holes. Ended up calling it a weekend after the third time there was a leak.

Overall Race Winner: "Dome Motorsports" (Class A) By A Margin Of +1 Lap

Class A Race Winner: "Dome Motorsports" By A Margin Of +1 Lap

Overall Results
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Class A Results
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PLC Lap Times
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